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What we are
Professional Experience 
Engaged in this industry for more than 20 years, we are one of the earliest law firms engaged in legal service of software industry in China. We are the best lawyer team in China awarded by Asian Legal Business (ALB), one of the best law firms in China awarded by Asian Lawyers, and ranking in the Asia Pacific Legal 500. Moreover, we are one of the best law firms recommended by China Council for Promotion of International Trade/China Chamber of International Commerce to overseas. We were ranked 6th in scale among Chinese law firms according to ALB, the Asian legal magazine. Our lawyer team is familiar with technology and business model of software industry, and has experiences of providing services to IBM, Tencent, 360, Rising and other famous software companies. Moreover, we have undertook legal affairs for Microsoft, Oracle, and other famous companies.
As a member of the team, Hans Wu graduated from Renmin University of China, got master's degree in law. 
He is servering as legal adviser for IBM, and also  undertaking legal affairs involving Microsoft, Oracle and other well-known companies. 
He is member of CCF(China Computer Federation) and IEEE , also familiar with C# and DELPH ,certificated by CSIP and authenticated as "computer programme intellectual property manager" by Chinese Software Industry Association.
Hans Wu’s practice area focus on computer programme copyright infringement disputes, business secret on the source code violation disputes, source code plagiarism disputes,  computer programme patent application and protection , business reputation slander disputes, abusive domain name registration disputes,  
Why choose us?
We know more about software
Lawyers of our team are familiar with various programming language. They are members of China Computer Federation (CF), members of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, “Software Intellectual Property Managers” certified by China Software Industry Association. Pure legal provisions are insufficient to solve software disputes, so we learn technical problems about software from programmers. Our experiences cover electric control software, game software, customs declaration software, doctor auxiliary diagnosis software, mail server software, automotive fault diagnosis software, mobile games software, etc.
We know more about programmers
The cooperation with programmers in specific solution of legal disputes is an indispensable factor when we provide legal services to software industry for a long term. We strive for eliminating the awareness difference between law and computer science. We have eliminated the communication obstacle with programmer by deeply learning work flow and thinking way of programmers in case accumulation and constant study.
We keep close communication with related Chinese organizations
By keeping close contact with public security department, cultural law-enforcing department, industrial and commercial department, and certifying agency for intellectual property, we know about practical behaviors and opinions of every organization. At the same time, we participate the discussion of software case hearing in courts of Beijing, Shenzhen, and Jiangsu Province, as well as the draft of investigation report on software case hearing in Beijing court.
Recent Cases:
Software and Integrated Circuit promotion center of MIIT business secret recording project,
Software development contract dispute of a software company in Hangzhou,
Software copyright dispute of a electric power software company in Jinan, Shandong,
Software copyright and illicit competition dispute of a major hospital in Beijing,
Defending Tang for being involved in reproducing and distributing infringing softwares,
Dispute between member enterprises of China Inspection and Quarantine Association (CIQA) and a major listed company over software copyright,
Contract dispute between Prince Sports, Inc (U.S.) and NICR Company Limited (Hong Kong),
Contract dispute between MOIS Company Limited (Ukraine) and Beijing Heyatai Tech. Ltd.,
Dispute between a software company in Suzhou and Huang over abusive registration of domain name,
Infringement of business secret of a synthetic material factory of a chemical group.
Master Degree from Renmin University of China
Batchelor Degree from Inner-Mongolia Polytechnic University
Honor of Law Firm
Named the Best Law Firm of China by National Lawyers' Management
Recommended by China's Foreign Trade Promotion Committee and China Chamber of International Commerce as a China's Best Firm for foreign services
Named a Best Lawyer Team by Asian Legal Affairs 
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