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What we do

Anti-Piracy       advance preparation

Enterprises releasing and selling software in China for the first time always suffer great economic loss because of the lack of awareness of software intellectual property protection in China. We have concluded experiences about piracy striking for various customers, based on which, we can provide professional market research and legal suggestions to enterprises releasing and selling software in China for the first time. Therefore, we can help our customers prepare for piracy before it happens, and effectively reduce loss for it.
Anti-Piracy           after action
Access control and encryption method in technology cannot avoid piracy fundamentally, while the management method of user key and password will always be cracked. In addition, the software may be resold after modification and re-encryption without source code. Software enterprises can only maintain their own rights by striking afterwards before taking stronger technological measures for performance loss of development cost and encryption techniques. We will provide composite plan with administrative penalty, criminal judgment, and civil compensation to customers to help them strike piracy in China effectively.
Registration of software copyright        
 Measures for software copyright protection are quite different in different countries. Software manufacturers completing development and preparing for release in China shall determine if it is necessary to register software copyright in China according to specific conditions.
No matter software manufacturers are from the nation that copyright protection will be obtained after finishing, or performing legal registration procedure, we will provide suggestions according to specific development conditions, confidentiality measures, and market competition conditions.
Risk control of non-product software development
Non-product software development aims at individual customers because the software demand of customer can finally realized by communication and cooperation with customer representative, architect, development department, test department, and even the outsourcing company. 
Protection of software source code
Many enterprises control data transmission and access with uniform platform during the development. For developed source code, NSE, INNOVASAFE, and other institutes also provide service of source code custodian. Anyway, the reveal of source code is quite possible because of development debugging, program update, etc., while programmer job-hop and decompilation and crack tools also threat to the safety of source code. We have undertook various copyright disputes caused by source code copy, so our experience can help customers effectively protect source code.
Compliance of software company
We will provide comprehensive compliance management, including labor contract management of Chinese programmer, privacy policy of software products and Chinese individuals, protection for customer rights, open source agreement in software development, software licensing, SAAS agreement, and software channel agreements to companies in Chinese market. We help non-native software companies newly entering into China, avoid various risks with our experience of legal service.
Mr. Guoping Wu’s practice area focus on Software copyright infringement disputes, business secret on the source code violation disputes, source code plagiarism disputes, software agency infringement, software development tools infringement disputes, rogue software infringement disputes, confirmation on the programmer’s work for hire disputes, software patent application and protection , software copyright transfer contract dispute, software development contract disputes, computer software copyright authorize contract disputes, business reputation slander disputes, abusive domain name registration disputes, software enterprise crooked promotion disputes. Besides, Wu was once the defender in criminal cases of infringement by reproduction and distribution of softwares.
Employee severance
Clients regularly come to us for advice on sensitive HR issues, such as high-profile terminations, discrimination, disciplinary and grievance matters.We’re on hand to help you navigate the process, using our legal knowledge, strategic thinking and negotiation skills to reach the best outcome for your business as sensitively as possible.
Foreign investment
Our lawyers work every day with regulators and understand know how they operate, how best to approach them, where there is flexibility and where there isn’t. Not all markets are receptive to overseas investors, so you will need a legal services team that knows the regulatory authorities globally, as we do.
Disputes, litigation and arbitration
The demand for risk management and dispute advice has changed fundamentally in recent years.
We offer help across the spectrum: by risk area, business sector and geography. We’re international in reach and character, while being firmly rooted in local jurisdictions.
We offer international experience through a single point of entry; we’re culturally sensitive and committed to exceptional service. We’re recognised leaders in our markets, whether it’s litigation, arbitration or regulatory or other investigations.
But where we differ most is that managing risk is central to all that we do. We’re always side by side with our clients.
L&A Law Firm is qualified to practice in courts of all levels and our lawyers regularly appear before arbitration institutions or tribunals both inside and outside of China as counsels or legal experts.  We also represent clients in administrative dispute resolution and administrative indemnity actions.  Over the years, our dispute resolution team has gained a wealth of experience in handling complex commercial disputes, especially those involving foreign companies.  A number of our lawyers are qualified arbitrators or former judges.
Areas of practice
· Formulating constructive and practical dispute avoidance schemes
· Designing arbitration and litigation strategies
· Representing clients in all phases of litigation and arbitration, including pre-trial and pre-hearing discovery, injunction, protective measures, hearings, defense and claims, and trials
· Representing clients in mediation and settlement procedures
· Representing clients in enforcement proceedings
Our corporate and commercial practice is one of the firm's ‘twin engines’, alongside our world leading dispute resolution team. Our lawyers work with clients to achieve successful outcomes for their public and private M&A, capital markets transactions, corporate restructurings, and regulatory and tax matters on large, domestic and cross-border deals, across many industry sectors and, increasingly, in emerging markets.
Our corporate team offers market-leading capability on public and private mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructurings, corporate governance, capital markets fundraising, infrastructure projects and tax. In recent years, our corporate lawyers have been particularly active in major restructurings and capital raisings, reflecting the challenging market conditions.
Entertainment and Sports
L&A is one of the first Chinese law firms to establish a practice group in the field of entertainment and media.  We have provided professional legal services for many global entertainment events and are recognized as a leading law firm in this field in China.As the annual consultant of China Athletic Association and China Football Association, we are much familiar with the operation in this fields.
Areas of Expertise:
· Drafting and negotiating performance contracts, contest contracts, exhibition contracts, sponsorship contracts and related legal documents
· Assisting clients in negotiating and designing event plans, and advising in event-related matters including sponsorship, permit, license and broadcasting and advertising management
· Designing and implementing protection plans for production rights and intangible assets, such as copyrights, trademarks and franchise rights
· Assisting clients in completing required administrative examinations and approval procedures
International Trade
L&A law firm has dealt with a large number of legal issues in international trade since its establishment. In recent years, our international trade team has been especially active in anti-dumping, trade financing and international trade dispute settlement.
Areas of Expertise:
· Anti-dumping, countervailing duties and safeguard investigations
· Service trade, international trade of goods and processing trade
· Customs matters, commodity inspection procedures and bonded areas
· Shipping and insurance
· Import and export of technology
· Trade financing
· Logistics and procurement
· Settlement disputes arising from international  



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